Thursday, February 11, 2016

Project Peek: Selecting Rugs

I am working with a  local client to decorate a down stairs family room.  When I begin putting together a design for any room, I have to figure out where to start. As you can see from the floor plan below, the room is quite large and needed 4 rugs.  I decided to make the rugs my starting point.  Before I started looking for rugs, I discussed with my clients what colors they were interested in and what their style was.

 Because the rugs are such a big part of the room, I wanted my clients' input.  I always strive to make sure I am putting together a design that is tailored to my clients' tastes.  To do this, I emailed them two different groupings of  rugs to pick from:

My clients picked 'Option A'.  The next step was to figure which rug was going where.  I emailed them two floor plans with the rugs placed in different places.

My clients decided on 'Rug Arrangement A'.  However, they wanted to put a natural fiber rug at the entrance.  Which I thought was a great idea.  I found them a basketweave seagrass rug with a pumpkin border.

At that point, we were ready to order!  

Below is a picture I took of the rugs once they arrived. (Not placed where they belong, just kind of stacked on each other).

More progress has been made on this room that I look forward to sharing soon!

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