Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Basics of Styling a Coffee Table

Do you ever look in home magazines/online & see beautifully accessorized coffee tables &
 wish that you had the skills to accomplish that with your own table?  

Well, all you need are THREE items to create a beautifully styled coffee table. 
 I am keeping it BASIC here...take a look!

So my drawings may not be the best, but you get the point right??

1----A Floral/Branch Arrangement.  This element gives you height. Pick a container for your arrangement that has curves to offset the square & straight lines of  the books (mentioned below).  A hurricane with a large candle inside, or 3 candlesticks could also work, but personally I prefer something organic.  

2--- Three stacked books.  Pick three nice looking books from your home collection.  If you don't have any, a thrift store is a great place to find large, inexpensive books.  

3--- A small, intriguing item to place on top of books.  My drawing is suppose to portray coral. (What?  you couldn't tell that by my awesome drawing??)  This could be a small sculpture, candle, sphere, clock, etc. etc.    Make sure the item is a different shape from the books - so don't pick something square or rectangle.

(You can always add more items to your table -  don't feel limited. I'm just keeping this post as simple & basic as I can!)

Okay, that is it!  I swear, follow these guidelines and anyone that comes to your home will think you know what your are talking about when it comes to styling a coffee table. 

stack of books coffee table

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  1. Love it! You know how much I love your how-to drawings. I feel like when it comes to wall decor, I feel more ambitious and the ideas come to me, but sadly when it comes to decorating table-spaces of any kind I get lost. Thank you so much for your easy diagrams and direction!

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  2. Thank Christina! I'm glad my drawings are helping someone!

  3. So true!! Your drawings are cute. Glad I found your blog this morning.

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