Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Symmetrical vs. Asymmetrical Balance

Which do you prefer symmetrical or asymmetrical design?

Balance is the even distribution of weight in a space.  Balance is essential for a well-designed space.  Two ways to achieve balance is through a symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangement.

In a symmetrical arrangement one side of the room mirrors the other side.  The same furnishings are used on  each  side of the room.
Orange delight! #orange #seats #armchairs #chairs #interio #home #homedecor #decor wall #design #cushions

formal living room with weathered floors

Asymmetrical arrangements are often times a little trickier to achieve.  The furnishings on each side of the room are different but the visual weight is still distributed evenly.

How cool is  this asymmetrical design?
Living rooms

elle decor

elle decor

Which type of arrangement are you most drawn to?

There is one other way to achieve balance in a room  through radial balance.  I'll leave that for another post:)

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  1. I have to admit, I am a symmetrical girl all the way! I can appreciate asymmetrical design, but my rooms almost always have a symmetrical layout.

  2. I'm all about symmetrical. I don't have the money or the floor plan to achieve it in my home right now, but that's what I love. :)

  3. I am typically drawn to symmetrical balance when looking through magazines and things but I always tend to design with asymmetrical balance in my spaces. I LOVE the look of symmetrical but love the somewhat casual feeling that asymmetrical balance offers. Soooo I vote... BOTH!


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