Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thrifty Finds - you don't always have to spend a lot of money!

Here in the South there are a lot of antique/thrit/flea markets that you don't really find in the West - where I'm from.  I could just wonder through these shops for hours envisioning all the possibilities on how something could be refurbished.

This past week I came across a few items that I couldn't pass up, and surprisingly my husband was right on board!

These cute and comfy chairs were priced at $95 - great price already, right?...but then marked 25% off!  I used to work in a contemporary/modern furniture store in Utah and I sold very similar chairs for $800-$1000.  As soon as I spotted these, I knew they were mine!  They seem to be in great condition, they just need a fresh new upholstery & possibly the arms re-stained/painted.  They will most likely go in the office/playroom (multi-functional :) room.

Is this not a great end table?  I love the straight leg - parson style!  It's a 30" sq. end table and will go in the family room next to my sofa and love seat.

How do feel about '2nd hand furniture' shopping?  Have you found any awesome deals lately?


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  1. 2nd hand furniture shopping is a way of life for me. I love finding oneofakind pieces and making them my own. Your chairs are spectacular!

  2. I have become addicted to thrift store shopping over the last year or two. I love the possibilities of transforming something from blah to fab. Great scores!

  3. Everything in my house is used. This doesn't make furniture manufacturers happy when I say it feels like as moral imperative to me to buy used or find free things to decorate with. I don't want to feel guilty as a consumer for being wasteful, so I leave the buying of new furniture to others!


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