Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Master Bedroom Update

Awhile back, I posted about picking out colors for my master bedroom.  There were two different directions I was thinking of going.  To see the post click here.  Well, I decided on a color scheme - Navy, Aqua, Green, with pops of purples/berry tones.

I already purchased the two green fabrics (for throw pillows) along with the navy striped fabric (to recover two king-sized shams).  The sewing has began, and more pictures to follow!

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  1. Such a beautiful color scheme, Melissa! It will be fun to follow the progress!

  2. This is so lovely Melissa. It's such a unique colour palette but it totally works!!

  3. Beautiful fabrics. Loving green right now!

  4. Is your duvet going to be white? What color are your walls?

  5. Silly 6 - Yes my duvet cover is white and my sheets are aqua. We are living in a rental home right now, and the walls are painted a gold-ish color(hard to describe). Not really my color of choice, but since we are renting the walls probably won't change.


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