Thursday, May 26, 2011

For the LOVE of CHAIRS...

Chairs...chairs...chairs... are on my love list ( I wouldn't be a designer if they weren't, right?!). They are right up there with beautiful pillows and chocolate mousse...

The fabrics on the two chairs below are just to-die-for!!! So bold and eye-catching!

I had to include this photo. I had a chair similar to these below when I was a little girl. My parents still have day I'll have to snag it for my little girl.

Just gorgeous...I could probably stare at this chair for hours...


This one is an interesting idea...could be really cool in the right space.

Not so sure I love these two chairs below, but hey they get credit for being unique!


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  1. Holy eye candy! I am madly in love with both the Louis'


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